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The pizza that makes you feel great!

Pinsa is a traditional recipe that dates back to the ancient romans, with a characteristically crispy crust and a soft & airy inside, made with a mixture of wheat, soy & rice flour and blended with 80-90% water, yeast, salt and EVOO.

Our dough is made with high quality non-GMO grains milled in Italy to our precise specifications. The long proofing process and high water content make Pinsa the lightest, most digestible crust on the market.  


What will leave you breathless is the consistency, flavor, crunchy lightness of the crust.  You can taste the labor of love in this Pinsa. It cannot be confused with any regular pizza. And the best addition is that it is not heavy at all. I can guarantee my body perfectly processed it!

Paola R.

The Pinsa is something you HAVE to purchase! It's light, it's crispy and it's unlike any "pizza" you've ever had before.  

Anna L.

This "pizza" is unlike any pizza I've ever tried and they are up front about that. It's doughy, but light. It's simple, yet complex. It's, well, truly unique, and we totally loved it.

Brad B.

Crunchy on the outside, perfectly airy and delicious on the inside.

Jessica H.