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La Mortazza - Traditional Roman Recipe

mortasa pistachio pinsa pizza roman maestoso foods


Let's talk about "La Mortazza".  Nothing more roman than a quick sandwich for lunch stuffed to the rim with the delicious baby pink mortadella with thin little slices of pistachio.  Well here's our twist to that tradition:


- 1 Take & Bake Roman Pinsa Crust
- Mortadella
- Burrata or stracciatella (the creamy part when you break open a burrata)
- Pistachio crumble 
- Confit cherry tomatoes 

- Get 8 paper thin slices of mortadella (1 for each slice of pinsa if you cut it into 8 pieces)
- Blitz the pistachios to a powder-like consistency or chop them up with a knife if you prefer a chunkier consistency with more of a bite
- Cut your cherry tomatoes in half and place on a baking sheet covering them with olive oil, salt, orange zest and powdered sugar. Bake for 2.5hrs at 200˚F
- Layer onto your pinsa 1 slice of mortadella, a generous dollop of burrata, a cherry tomato and a heavy sprinkle of pistachio crumble.
- Drizzle some olive oil and salt on top.


mortasa pistachio pinsa pizza roman maestoso foods

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