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Wholesale Program

Are you a business looking to add an innovative new product to your menu or replace your pizza or flatbreads with a HEALTHIER & MORE DELICIOUS ALTERNATIVE? 


1. Our products are made using only high quality flours from Rome, Italy (our own mixture of soft wheat, rice and soy flour).  Each Pinsa is hand stretched and baked fresh every day. 

2. It's quick and it's consistent.  Bake in 3-7 minutes (depending on toppings) and you will have a perfect product each and every time. 

3. No special equipment needed. You can use a home oven, a wood fired oven and everything in between.  

4. No extra labor needed! Forget hiring an expensive pizza chef.  Anyone can bake our par-baked Pinsa bases.  


The Pizza market in the US is a $40 billion industry. And due to it's healthy nutritional factors and high digestibility, Pinsa is making itself heard! 

Pinsa is an Ancient Roman recipe: a healthier, much lighter version of one of the world's favorite foods, aimed at consumers looking for a healthy, light pizza alternative.   

All ingredients are 100% Vegan, No Artificial Preservatives, No Added Sugar, No Animal Products, Non-GMO, No Artificial Flavoring, No Saturated Fats & a Low Gluten Content.


For information on our Wholesale Program and for a FREE TASTING of our
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